Property Valuation Reports

Our highly comprehensive property valuation reports provide you with all the information you need on which to base important decisions regarding your property.

Due to the extensive range of valuation instructions and property types, each report is structured to meet the needs of the client. As you would appreciate, the requirements pursuant to the Family Law Court Rules are different from those of the Australian Accounting Standards Board A.A.S.B.116, Property Plant and Equipment.

Understanding our clients needs and the intended destination and use of our valuation ensures the appropriate report is produced.

What information is included in a property valuation report?

A standard valuation report generally includes the following information:

  • The estimate of value at the relevant date.
  • The purpose of the valuation.
  • Title details for the property.
  • Location, town planning and available services.
  • Dimensions of the land.
  • Building improvements.
  • Comparable sales with photographs where appropriate.
  • Valuation calculations.
  • Any repairs or renovations needed.
  • Any environmental aspects.
  • Relevant maps, plans and photographs of the subject property.

“Liability limited by a scheme under Professional Standards Legislation.”